Look at any job advert or careers website and there’s a string of values that the company subscribes to as part of their culture. Most of them make sense, as businesses try to position themselves as more socially responsible, but what is a candidate supposed to make of them and fit in with them.
From remote workers to all-remote companies, the face of work is changing. Which creates opportunities for hirers and businesses looking to operate more effectively in a fast-changing climate.
Hiring has changed a lot in recent years, no more so than during COVID. Firms looking to hire the best recruits and talent need to ensure they are aware of the latest trends as the speed, demands and technology behind that job offer all change fast.
The modern workforce is a socially connected and engaged one. When it comes to their work-life, some people like to share a little too much, and your company might have a different view. Here is how to ensure you stay on the right side of the fence when it comes to liveblogging your career.