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A LeaddMe Recruiter account is a dedicated page for recruiters, HR professionals and others that work in talent acquisition.
LeaddMe helps speed up the search process by leading you to the ‘best-fit’ candidates. Our AI-powered chatbot will screen candidates and do those repetitive tasks involved in managing your search so that you, and your candidates, don’t have to. This enables you to focus more of your energy on the fun part—sealing the deal! Candidates enjoy interacting with our user-friendly chatbot as they get immediate feedback on their application rather than waiting for a response.

Creating a LeaddMe Recruiter profile helps to build credibility with potential clients. When candidates see your job posts or receive messages from you, they can view your profile and see who they are interacting with. Most importantly, candidates can find you in recruiter searches and follow you. This means that any job you post using your recruiter account not only appears on your page, but in their news feed, giving your job post instant exposure.
No. You need to use a different email address and password to register for a LeaddMe Recruiter account.
Including a picture makes you appear more credible to candidates. In fact, evidence has shown that including a profile picture leads to more positive responses. This means more followers and a larger pool of candidates seeing your posts which results in an increased number and quality of responses to your job posts.
Your LeaddMe Recruiter profile is visible to all of our members when they search for recruiters on LeaddMe. Anyone with a link to your recruiter profile will also able to view it directly.
It is easy to invite your contacts to follow your LeaddMe Recruiter profile. Simply click on “My network” and select “Invite”. You will be able to share your profile via social media, invite your email contacts, and upload your candidate list using an Excel spreadsheet.
No. Your followers are only visible to you.
Any LeaddMe member can follow you. They can do this in a matter of seconds by finding your recruiter profile via the search function or going to your recruiter profile via direct link and clicking on the “+follow” button.
There is no limit to the number of jobs you can post on your page. The more jobs you post, the more options you give to candidates boosting your top recruiter credentials giving them a greater incentive to follow you.

And remember: every job post saves you time with our AI-powered chatbot working even as you sleep to screen and evaluate candidates to you.

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There are no hidden charges, placement or success fees.
Yes, the LeaddMe AI-powered Chatbot is an integral part of our platform and is utilized to help manage every job post. Our chatbot was developed with recruiters in mind and is designed to make your job easier by improving your success rate and candidate experience.
Yes, as an integral part of our platform, it is free to use.
The LeaddMe chatbot screens candidates by asking a series of predetermined questions that it continuously adjusts as it receives answers just as a live interviewer would. This saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on only the most suitable candidates. Our chatbot is powered by sophisticated AI technology ensuring that candidates are screened accurately.
Yes. No more waiting on your recruiter to get back to you during business hours or after they get back from vacation.