Top 5 2021 recruitment trends to look out for when hiring

Top 5 2021 recruitment trends to look out for when hiring

Hiring has changed a lot in recent years, no more so than during COVID. Firms looking to hire the best recruits and talent need to ensure they are aware of the latest trends as the speed, demands and technology behind that job offer all change fast.

The best way to see how the job market is changing is to spend some time as a candidate would. They can apply for jobs at the click of a button, younger applicants are trusting of having the first interview with a chatbot, while others expect remote working as a standard part of any offer.

Among the many nuances, here are the top trends you should be aware of when looking to promote your firm, create the best-looking career opportunities and ensure you attract the right candidates.

1. Sell your brand

While it is easy for a big firm, or for a well-known local employer, to attract the best candidates, every other company needs to make a major effort to promote itself as a good place to work. They can do so through branding, awareness building and specialism in a field or role.

Ensure that the career advert itself tells something of a story about the business to get people interested. Check that website content reinforces this in a consistent way, be it “how we’re changing the world” or “build a better environment through our product.”

Adverts and sites should also list your company values alongside the traditional benefits to highlight how they go about business and the type of working environment successful candidates can expect.

2. The rise of automation in recruitment

Just as applicants can apply for a job at the touch of a button, recruiters and hiring companies can use automation to speed up the recruitment process. Chatbots can handle first interviews, just like LeaddMe’s bot, to get the basic information that hirers and candidates need out of the way. This can help streamline the process to find the best candidates that can move forward to the face-to-face or remote interviews.

There are still plenty of firms that advertise manually, using a job site helps create repeatable and updateable adverts, build lists of contacts and make it easier to share on social media without heavy manual effort.

3. The growth in virtual and remote work

COVID has let the remote work genie out of the bottle, even though for many progressive firms, going remote has long been a perk. There is also a fresh generation of companies that are all-remote entities, perhaps with regular meet-ups.

For recruiters, the need to cater especially in tech circles, to recruits that expect some degree of virtual or remote work will become more of a standard feature as markets change. Of course, there are some jobs that can only be done in-person, but training, big meetings and other events can all be done remotely to boost the image of a progressive company.

To meet that goal, you will need all the tools for remote work including collaboration, meeting and productivity software. Plus ways to keep track of worker efficiency and availability.


4. Building an inclusive workforce

Firms can no longer simply talk about equality, diversity and inclusion, they need to be seen to be doing it. That means equal pay reports, equality charts and reports that show a company is fit for a diverse future.

As society continues to change at a pace that some may find scary, embracing the change is the only way any firm will establish a diverse workforce which is beneficial in encouraging collaboration, creativity, and solving problems to have an impact on the bottom line.

5. The rise of soft skills

There can be hundreds of applicants for a role with the right technical skills, which often leaves the choice down to the candidate with the best soft skills. The ability to communicate, empathise, provide additional insights from previous experience or adapt to changing circumstances. These are all questions you (or the chatbot) can ask during an interview to find the best candidates.

Whatever roles you are looking to fill, ensuring you are aware of, and taking advantage of, the latest trends is key to finding the best candidates. Check out how Leaddme can provide insights and actionable ways to fill your roles.

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