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Jun 5, 2021
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 FP&A manager 

FP&A group is an integral part of the Finance department, serving top management (CEO/CFO) needs through financial reporting and analysis. While Commercial Finance group is focused on each individual Business Units (BU) to drive top-line sales and providing data-driven insights to identify growth opportunities and optimize resource allocation, FP&A group oversees total company performance, orchestrating company-wide financial initiatives such as business/strategic planning, and provides decision support to management through BVA, risk and opportunity management. In addition to the regular FP&A tasks, the FP&A Manager will also be responsible for supporting non-Commercial functions, and Compliance initiatives. FP&A managers will need to collaborate across the organization to achieve these objectives.

Key Areas Of Responsibilities Include

Lead Business Planning (JU/NU/BP) and Strategic Planning (ISD, LRFP) process

  • Design overall processes in collaboration with cross-functional team
  • Identify key insights based on analysis and develop proposals for management
  • Framing and development of presentation package to be reviewed with regional HQ team

Drive company to achieve Business Plan goals through timely reporting and proposal

  • Report and explain variance in sales, P&L, and other key metrics through BVA analyses
  • Proactively identify risks and opportunities and propose action plans for management
  • Provide a forward-looking view of the business to proactively manage business challenges
  • Ad-hoc analysis requested from senior management (CEO/CFO)

Controlling of Non-Commercial functions

  • Support non-BU functions/departments on strategic and operational decision making


  • Collaborate with compliance team to ensure key controls are in place and monitoring of controls to minimize risk
  • Create a culture of compliance within BUF through training, etc.

Team Management, leadership, financial controlling, FPA, Finance Planing
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Bachelor's Degree
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English Level
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Annual Income
¥10M - 14M


105-0021 Tokyo, Japan

Lead Consulting Group


Tokyo, Japan

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