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Apr 2, 2021
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Mid career
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Job Description

Product Manager

Main business contents

  • Based on the policy of the business division, in collaboration with the business division manager, marketing manager, sales manager, etc., formulate and execute marketing plans and sales promotion plans for major products and new products, taking into consideration the area and achievements. And support the achievement of the target number.
  • Conduct market research and make marketing plans based on accurate customer and market analysis.
  • Plans and implements sales campaigns, and creates and manages various guidebooks, plans, documents, etc. related to this.
  • Planning and executing exhibitions and events at national and local seminars and annual conventions.
  • Establish and maintain customer trust in vaccines, medicines and foods based on a wide range of accurate and up-to-date veterinary knowledge and information.
  • Continue to learn about key products and related information.
  • Participate in major academic societies and obtain useful information for sales promotion through the latest literature and data both in Japan and overseas.
  • We provide scientific and technical information required by distributors, veterinary hospitals, owners, etc. upon request.
  • Depending on the product , not only B to B but also B to C marketing strategies are used together to increase product value.
  • Collect and evaluate academic information about the products in charge from publications, academic societies, seminars, symposiums, etc., and efficiently provide accurate and prompt information.
  • Responsible for academic response and document creation in response to requests and complaints from veterinary hospitals and distributors.
  • Regularly negotiate with the staff of veterinary hospitals and distributors to exchange and obtain various information.
  • Provide materials and data related to academic lectures in collaboration with technical services.
  • Manage budgets for sales promotion planning and expenses for marketing & technical service activities.
  • Manage prizes for sales promotion and place orders for them.
  • Collaborate with the development and pharmaceutical departments to support proposals for new products and early development of ongoing projects.
  • Visit with a customer consultant to grasp the needs of the field and propose and promote marketing and academic measures that meet the needs.
  • Work with the Purchasing Department to manage inventory and ensure a stable supply of various products . Also, in collaboration with sales, formulate highly accurate short-term and medium- to long-term sales forecasts.
  • Promote the establishment and utilization of in-house office tools such as MAXX.
  • Promote operational improvement, efficiency improvement, and productivity improvement within the group.
  • Guidance and thorough compliance of the entire group and compliance with laws and regulations (Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, traffic rules, antitrust law, personal information protection law, etc.).


Required knowledge / skills and core competencies

  • He has presentation ability and a wide range of systematic academic knowledge in the field of veterinary medicine, and is recognized both inside and outside the company as an expert in the products handled and related fields.
  • Fully understand the marketing strategy, global marketing, and company direction in Japan, actively contribute to the efficiency of operations, the success of MSDAH's global strategy, and guide the younger generation.
  • Digital marketing and mass marketing experience for veterinary clinics and owners
  • Project management ability / negotiation ability
  • Experience in presentations and Q & A in English. There is no problem with telephone conferences and discussions with the global.


Other desirable educational backgrounds, qualifications, etc.

  • National qualifications for Veterinarians
  • He has more than 5 years of work experience in the same occupation both inside and outside the company, or equivalent academic knowledge / experience and experience in sales or marketing.

market research, product marketing, product launch, market analysis, go to market strategy
Education level
Bachelor's Degree
Japanese Level
English Level
Annual Income
¥10M - 14M


105-0021 Tokyo, Japan

Lead Consulting Group


Tokyo, Japan

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