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Jun 29, 2021
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Job Description

Accounting Group and Reporting Group

 Business description

[Challenge and future career advancement]

Since you can take charge of a wide range of operations from domestic non-consolidated accounting operations to consolidated operations, you can grasp and experience the overall picture of finance and accounting. In addition, through communication with overseas FSSCs and alignment with group finance policies and standard systems, you can experience financial trends and ideas not only in Japan but also globally.

Required duties and responsibilities.

【Business content】

・ Monthly/annual settlement of accounts for all domestic accounting operations (mainly Japan Air Liquide / Air Liquide Industrial Gas), audit support, communication with FSSC and business management, and fixed asset management business

/ consolidated IFRS reporting business (main books) Creation, adjustment journals of accounting standards, net asset confirmation by the company, communication with FSSC and business management, etc.)

・ Credit management (accounts receivable overdue, accounting response in case of problems, etc.) FSSC, customer service, sales, coordination between controllers

・Group member management and training guidance

・ Coordination work with FSSC and APAC IT (when introducing a new system, etc.)

・ Other support work for each group. 

Competencies and profiles

[Required experience]

(Required) Practical experience in finance and accounting (generally 5 years or more)

(Required) Practical experience in accounting using accounting systems (Oracle, SAP, etc.)

(Required) Annual settlement work, audit support

(Required) Team management experience

(Available) Project management experience

(Available) Corporate tax / local tax filing experience

(Available) Consolidated settlement business.                            

[ Required knowledge/skills]

(Required) English business level (Interaction with foreign countries, conference call)

(Available) Knowledge of IFRS  


Required qualifications/degree] (Required) Nissho Bookkeeping Level 2 or similar accounting knowledge.

[Personal image to be sought]

・Person who can work on work with priority.

Those who emphasize efficiency, who can communicate effectively while involving many people regardless of domestic / overseas, and those who can grasp things from the perspective of each stakeholder, instead of working overtime and doing quantity.


accounts receivable, financial reporting, account reconciliation, financial analysis
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Bachelor's Degree
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English Level
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¥11M - 14M


105-0021 Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo, Japan

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