Getting the Most out of LeaddMe: 3 key benefits

Getting the Most out of LeaddMe: 3 key benefits

A quick guide to getting the most out of being part of the LeaddMe community

As you might already know, our passion is to see people in careers that they love. We created LeaddMe to be a valuable resource for professionals, job seekers, and students.

Yes, LeaddMe is a powerful resource to assist you in your job search or recruitment process. You may have already interacted with our AI-powered chatbot and accessed our ever-expanding job, company, and recruiter database. But if you use LeaddMe only for it’s search function, you are missing out! Here are 3 key benefits of being part of our growing community.

LeaddMe benefits

1. Expand your business network

LeaddMe is a powerful tool for growing your professional network. Via LeaddMe, you can reconnect with old contacts, solidify new relationships, and make new connections. That this is of huge value to people at all stages of their career almost goes without saying. But we’ll say it anyway.

See Followers, Following, and Connection on LeaddMe: A guide to successful networking for tips to harness the networking power of LeaddMe.

2. Develop and Promote your brand

Having both a corporate and personal brand is more important than ever. Every professional and company in your industry likely offers similar services, or has a similar foundation of skills and experience as you. Your brand tells your story: What motivates you? What are your values? What do you have that others don’t?

A person or company with a strong brand appears more credible and trustworthy because people know what you are about and what to expect when working with you rather than going in blind.

LeaddMe provides an opportunity to intentionally develop that brand and promote it via profiles and company pages, engagement with others, and content.

Personal Profiles + Company Pages

Think of your personal profile as your advertising brochure. On your profile, you can highlight your skills, experience, and the attributes that make you a valuable employee and trustworthy business partner. You can describe your goals and values, where you came from, and where you are headed. For job seekers, this is key, as it allows recruiters and HR managers to find you. A great profile can also lead to opportunities for established professionals.

Similar to a personal profile, a company page is like a virtual storefront and should entice people to look further into what it is you offer.


Engaging with others is a great way to build your brand and improve your visibility. Enter the conversation by commenting on others’ posts with your own thoughts. Liking and sharing posts you found useful can also show others what makes you tick and that you are keeping pace with the latest insights and industry information. A word of warning though: don’t go around commenting on posts purely to advertise your own services unless it’s asked for. That kind of behavior will earn you a reputation, but not one that you will like.

Create Content

Don’t just join a conversation. Start one! From both personal profiles and company pages, you can post content (video, articles, discussion starters) to build your brand further. Content you post appears on the news feeds of your followers. Quality content that engages and assists others helps to establish your expertise. And if you are consistent in posting quality content, you will come to be seen as an industry leader who others scramble to work with.

3. Learn + Grow

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. John F. Kennedy

In order to be successful, you need to constantly learn and evolve. The LeaddMe platform provides many ways to do that.

Follow companies and key people

By following established companies and industry leaders, you can keep up-to-date with the latest insights. Learn from what they are doing and talking about. Discover key people and learn the lingo. The more you read about disruptive people in the industry, the more you will be attuned to new opportunities that come up.

Join Groups

On that note, focus your learning by joining a group. There are many groups on LeaddMe created by individuals around specific careers and industries. They are a place for people to share resources and discuss industry-specific issues. Groups are a fantastic place to see what people are talking about. You can ask questions or start your own discussions, and you might even be able to find a mentor if you don’t have one already.

Attend Events

On the events tab, you can find events created by LeaddMe members. You can search for specific types of events, view events created by your contacts, or those recommended by us based on your profile. Attending events is an opportunity to learn from the best as well as make new contacts.

LeaddMe Campus

LeaddMe campus is targeted towards students or new grads starting their careers. We update the Campus Magazine regularly with insightful articles based on real-world knowledge to help you bridge the gap between student life and the business world.

We hope you find LeaddMe as valuable as we dreamed it to be, and are continuously striving to improve member experience. Let us know in the comments below other benefits you’ve discovered or ideas you have for us to deliver more value.

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