Ensure your jobs appear on page one of job boards

Ensure your jobs appear on page one of job boards

Experienced recruiters know all the tricks to make their career vacancies appear at the top of listings and looking great to attract candidates. For those less nuanced, perhaps hiring for a startup or recruiting for that first remote team, we have plenty of hints and tips to ensure your posts do not get left behind.

The best news is there is no such thing as a new career role. If you are recruiting for a developer, there are literally thousands of similar posts created every day. With a little research, you can find a post with similar requirements to your own and adapt that to the specific needs of your own company.

Failing that, there are plenty of how to write a good job vacancy guides to help craft a solid example. When done, ensure you spellcheck it and get someone else to read it, a second pair of eyes is always welcome. To help your job posting in the search rankings do not be afraid to repeat the key terms like the job role and skills to help with SEO.

Writing to the role

When it comes to the key aspects of the vacancy, spend plenty of time ensuring what you want is clearly defined with bullet points and short sentences to provide all the key points. Start with the most essential points and work down to the nice-to-haves.

Unless it is fixed, offer a salary range to broaden the number of prospects you will attract, you may find more value in an experienced candidate and be willing to pay more for their skills. Something you would never know if you low-balled the figures.

With lots of similar roles out here, you should also spend time highlighting the unique features of your business or the role, from the local area to environmental or other benefits. Take the time to paint a picture of where you are based and the local amenities to help attract people who would appreciate the lifestyle your area offers. Also highlight the opportunities for promotion or educational progression, green initiatives and other aspects that are important to younger recruits.

As LeaddMe is also a social network, ensure you follow these best practices for sharing and connecting to expand your network and the reach of your job posts. Also, don’t be afraid to share a link to your job post on Twitter, Reddit and other social sites, active job seekers people are searching for jobs in all sorts of non-traditional areas and you are more likely to find them there than passive types.

Finally, learn from your experiences. Ask interview candidates what they found good and bad about the job adverts to learn how to do better in future. If recruiting is a learning process for you, take the time to read recruitment industry articles to study trends and how the pros are successful. Everything you learn will help improve the prospects of hiring the right candidate.

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