The global workplace makes it easier for recruiters and job seekers

The global workplace makes it easier for recruiters and job seekers

Many workers found their career paths blocked or put on hold due to COVID. When we come out of the lockdowns, those seeking or in need of a new opportunity will find the rise in remote working and the lure of the global workplace providing more options than previously visible. A growing rise in technology and AI helps make the process faster, resulting in success for the right candidates.

Online job boards and services are nothing new, yet before 2020 people might have stuck to hunting for relatively local vacancies. During COVID, the rise in remote working and people spending more time collaborating with distant partners, clients and firms might have opened people’s eyes when it comes to opportunities.

Now, there are people with the digital skills and tools who can work anywhere or from home, and those that are seeking new frontiers as the world tries to get back to normal. COVID helped show how some countries are better equipped and more attractive when it comes to a brighter future, while others are sliding down the global happiness rankings.

Technology guiding job seekers to new careers

From the recruitment perspective, the rush of new applications would usually add delay and stress to an already stressful process for most. So, greeting people on career social media sites like the Japanese/English service LeaddMe is a chatbot. It can help as part of the interviewing process and do some of the usual recruiting tasks to speed things up for both sides of the hiring equation.

Lots of English-speaking people want to experience and work in Japan, so a site that supports their applications will win a lot of friends. The LeaddMe Chatbot helps with searching for jobs, managing job applications and tracking jobs of interest. Recruiters can tell the bot what questions to ask as part of the interview process, and will filter the answers back to those hiring, helping make better decisions.

Wherever you want to work next, be it from home, somewhere more rural, a big city or new country, experiences like these will become more of the norm. Yes, there will be people upset at receiving an automated negative response, but they are really just the modern equivalent of the typical form rejection letter.

And for the successful candidates, bots providing DocuSigned contracts, and automated onboarding and training tools will help them get up to speed with their new company faster, creating a more confident workforce. And automation doesn’t mean there isn’t time for the personal touches, HR and recruitment professionals still know how to glad-hand valuable recruits and what it takes to headhunt the right talent.

In the brave new world of 2021, businesses now recognize more than ever the value of digital and automated services, and hirers are among the keen adopters to make the process smoother. People looking for jobs, and doing the extra stuff like visas, passports, banking and moving home will find more bots to help them out along the way. It is the way of the future, and where ever you go in the world multi-language bots will soon be part of the furniture.

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