Strategy Expert Chapter Associate Director

Lead Consulting Group Tokyo, Japan

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Oct 15, 2020
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About Strategy Experts

The Strategy Experts team is responsible for developing and realizing our company's long-term strategy by working collaboratively with senior leadership, colleagues, and external partners both in local and global. 

・Develop our long-term strategy and plan which includes assessment of current environment, defining key objectives, identifying success factors, and comprehending constraints related to the organizational challenges.

・Orchestrate the realization of our long-term strategy and plan, including profitability analysis, process redesign, operational efficiencies, growth strategy, strategic planning, data collection, qualitative analysis, etc.

・Support the organizational and process transformation and business development within the local market and play a lead role in providing large-scale transformation support.

・Understand local and global business circumstances to be a trusted discussion partner with senior managements.

Leadership Behavior

・Foster Collaboration - Strong ability to establish and maintain effective relationship across functions and other organizational boundaries

・Make Rapid, Disciplined Decisions - Displays responsiveness, decisiveness, and exercises judgment at the right level with the right data

・Act with Courage and Candor - Speak openly, honestly and with conviction; have the courage to take appropriate risks and make difficult decisions.

・Drive Result - Set clear performance standards; overcome obstacles; hold ourselves and others accountable for achieving results.

・Ethics and Integrity - Adhere to the highest standards of trustworthy and ethical behavior in all interactions and hold others to the same standards; comply with all laws, policies and regulations; identify and address ethical issues without hesitation

Professional Competencies

・Strategic Thinking ; Visualizes the way forward, identifying opportunities that add value to the work, to the business and to our customers.

・Project Management ; Organizes work efforts by prioritizing tasks, using resources optimally, establishing appropriate deadlines and ensuring on-time delivery.

・Problem Solving ; Gathers and analyzes data and effectively responds to new, complex or problematic situations; creates solutions that drive value for our company and our customers, incorporating innovative approaches where relevant.

・Business & Financial Acumen ; Understands and intelligently applies economic, financial and industry data to make business decisions

・Productive Communication ; Plans and delivers ideas and information to others in a clear and impact manner at high level of engagement.

Commercial Competency

・Strategic Business Management ; Ability to set strategic plans, manage profitability (P&L), consider execution trade offs and continuously adjust approaches to maximize business performance and increase sales and profitability.

Note: Pharmaceutical industry knowledge is not mandatory

investment banking, corporate finance, pharmaceutical industry
Education level
Bachelor's Degree
Japanese Level
English Level
Business Level
Annual Income
¥12M - 15M


Tokyo, Japan

Lead Consulting Group

Tokyo, Japan

About Us

Lead Consulting Group is an executive recruitment consultancy company based in Japan.

We work closely with multinationals, midsize to small companies, governments and educational institutions in the areas of human capital management and related services in Japan.

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