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Air Liquide Hyōgo, Japan

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Jun 24, 2022
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Mid career

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■ Air Liquide headquarters based in France is the world leader in gases, technologies and services for Industry and Healthcare with more than 50,000 employees. In 80 countries, Air Liquide supplies its customers in extremely diverse industries such as steel industry, food and beverage, electronics and healthcare. In order to match the needs of all of these clients, the Group is organized in different World Business Lines. World leader in gases, technologies, and services for Industry and Health; Air Liquide is present in Japan for more than 100 years and is the leader in growth in Japan. We are supplying innovative technologies, products and services, and we are committed to the sustainable development of the Japanese market. 

■ Air Liquide Japan (Industrial / Medical Gases and related Services, Plant Engineering), Air Liquide Kogyo Gas (Industrial Cylinder and Welding Materials / System) and Air Liquide Laboratories (R&D) form the foundation for our Japanese Business. All 2,000 employees challenge themselves everyday to best contribute to better tomorrow for industry of Japan and the lives of Japanese people.

■ Air Liquide Japan

Address: Granpark Tower, 3-4-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established: 1990 (Started from 1907)

■ Air Liquide Operations

Address: 4-3-23, Minami Tsukaguchi machi, Amagasaki, Hyogo

Established: 1999

■ Air Liquide Kogyo Gas

Address: Granpark Tower, 3-4-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Established 2009 (Started from 1981)


【 Team Introduction 】

The team is taking responsibility for reliability and Efficiency with their technical expertise. The team supervise major 24 sites (Japan:17 sites, Korea: 2 sites, Australia: 4 sites, New Zealand: 1 site) in Northeast Asia Pacific Cluster (NEAPac Cluster). The team is the contact window to Asia Pacific (APAC) hub, Smart Innovative Operation Center (SIOC in KL) and worldwide industrial management (WIM). The team is communicating with them as the representative of NEAPac. The team collects high level, technical experts. They make technical trainings and support to local plant management. The team members are registered in AL TCL program (technical community leaders) or they can challenge in few years. 

【 部署の紹介 】

本部門はそれぞれの高い専門技術により、当社のガス製造装置に対する信頼性と効率改善及び高いレベルの自動運転に責任を持ちます。北東アジアクラスター(NEAPac)の主要な24のサイト(日本:17サイト、韓国:2サイト、オーストラリア:4サイト、ニュージーランド:1サイト)を担当します。本部門はアジア太平洋地域ハブ(APAC)、スマートイノベイティブオペレーションセンター(SIOC KL)と本部(WIM)への窓口です。日本エア・リキード(ALJ)に所属しますが、北東アジアクラスター(NEAPac)の代表として海外グループ会社を含めコミュニケーションを行います。本部門は高レベルの技術専門家で構成しています。部員は現地工場への技術トレーニングやサポートを行います。部員はエアリキードグループのTCLプログラムに登録されているか若しくは数年内に登録される技術者です。(日本での勤務者:6名、韓国:1名、オーストラリア:1名の8名が所属しています。)         


【 Mission 】

- Optimize plant operation control for Reliability and Efficiency 

- Reduce number of alarms and manual operation toward to unmanned operation by high-level automation

- Develop Advanced Control System and maintain

【 主な職務 】




【 Job Details 】

- Design and propose new automations, new indicators, remort supervisions etc 

- Optimization process control of existing plants (reliability and efficiency improvement) 

- Create tehcnical standards and deploy them to local sites 

- Communicate with overseas group affiliate and launch our best practice to AL group 

- Planning and execution of technical training 

【 業務内容 】




・海外グループ会社との技術交流 (ベストプラクティスの発信及び受信した情報の国内展開)



【 Requirements: Experiences 】

- Process control and/or Instrumentation engineering for chemical or petrochemical industries 

- Communication in English (e.g. face to face, telephone conference, technical presentation) 

- DCS engineering skills for Yokogawa CENTUM

- (Nice to have) Knowledge/Experience of Advanced Process Control System

【 必要とされる経験・知識・スキル 】

(必須) 石油化学、化学プラント等のプロセスコントロール(計装)設計

(必須) 英語によるコミュニケーション(ビジネスレベル)

(必須) DCSエンジニアリングスキル (Yokogawa CENTUM)  

(あればなお可) 高度制御システムの設計/実装 

【 Requirements: License, Degree, Knowledge, Skill 】

- Bachelor / Master or equal 

- Process control (strong knowledge) 

- Yokogawa CENTUM DCS (strong knowledge) 

- Instruments (preferable) 

- High pressure gas license (preferable) 

- English (Business level or above) 

- Japanese (Mother tongue or Equal)

【 要求される資格・学位 】

(必須) 学士または修士

(あればなお可) 高圧ガス製造責任者資格

【 Personality 】

- Challenger 

- Innovative Thinking 

- Proactive 

- Bright

【 求める人物像 】






【 Department/部署 】

NEAPac LI Cluster Industrial Direction

【 Work Location/就業場所 】

Kobe Sannomiya office : 7-1-5 Goko-dori Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo prefecture / Sannomiya Minami buliding 8F


【 Other/その他】

After COVID19, a Business trip to overseas and domestic but it is short period (few days)


business planning, business communication skills
Education level
Bachelor's Degree
Japanese Level
Business Level
English Level
Business Level
Annual Income
¥5M - 8M
Job benefits
Worklife balance


7-1-5 Goko-dori Chuo-ku Kobe Hyogo prifectuer / Sannomiya Minami buliding 8F 兵庫県神戸市中央区御幸通7-1-15三宮ビル南館8F, Kobe
Hyōgo, Japan

Air Liquide


About Us

A world leader in gases, technologies, and services for Industry and Health, Air Liquide is present in 75 countries with approximately 66,400 employees and serves more than 3.8 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen are essential small molecules for life, matter, and energy. They embody Air Liquide’s scientific territory and have been at the core of the company’s activities since its creation in 1902.

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